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Who are we?

We are a group of future, active, and former university students whose goal is to achieve the definite separation of church and state in Germany. We want to bring to the public an awareness of the favoritism enjoyed by churches and religions, which receive benefits mostly ignored by politicians and the media.

Secularization in Germany has never been fully implemented, even though history has shown the danger of overly powerful religions. Whereas we have made steps in the right direction, some religions in Germany, especially Christianity, are still highly privileged. Despite the fact that every third German does not belong to any denomination, each citizen has to finance the church. They receive more than 14 billion euros annually from the german state.

The separation of church and state is a serious goal. We still have one-sided religious education, and freedom of science is restricted by theological faculties and so called "Konkordatslehrstühle." The major German charities Caritas and Diakonie have their own employment laws; there is no freedom of strike, no workers' council, and discrimination against non-conforming beliefs for millions of employees. Furthermore, the churches receive more than 14 billion euros annually from the German state.

We won’t accept these injustices any longer: something has to change! This is why we advocate laizism.

Due to the many references to german law, there is no English translation of the whole website intended. Nevertheless, we really do appreciate international exchange of experiences. Don't hestitate to send us an e-mail using our contact form. newsfeed

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